Sweet and Salty

I usually do not peruse the inside aisles of my grocery store because it’s in those passageways where I get into calorie trouble but I let myself indulge the snack row one day and I was glad I did. I delightfully browsed the shelves, picking up packages and reading labels, and remarked at the voluminous plethora of goods marketed to entice and tease my taste buds. “Sweet and Salty” were the three words that kept vying for my affection. My mouth watered as I touched package after package of those delectable treats that were advertised to simulate a pleasant portion of sweet and salty and were guaranteed to satisfy my hunger. Even though I was not hungry, putting myself in that snack arena made me desire the sweet and salty sensation, the fulfillment of the pair, and the joy of obtaining the object of my immediate desire.
I left the store without purchasing a sweet and salty treat but for days I could not get the words out of my head. It wasn’t the treats that I was meditating on; it was the words…sweet and salty. I know salt is a healer. I use a Himalayan salt therapy for my lumbar disc issues. I use salt to season my foods and little goes a long way. I use salt to preserve foods but studying the other uses of salt I was reminded that it is used to soften our water and to clear ice and snow from roads. I also learned that salt is great when used as a household cleaner and can tackle tough laundry tasks (seriously…Google it!). Salt deters ants, keeps flowers fresh, kills weeds, relieves pain from mouth sores, and the list continues.

Ok. I know you and you’re saying “Lady, enough about the salt already…I get it…so where does the sweet come into this story???”.

So the thoughts about salt made perfect sense to me because the Bible tells us we are to be salt in the world. In other words, we are to be healers. We are to be warriors to help people clean up the messes that life brings. We are here to bring seasoning and richness to the lives of others. We are created and called to be salt and light in a dark world and when we do this, we are left with the smoothest, the most peaceful and plentiful supply of sweetness that life offers.

In the aisles of your daily life, I pray that you are salt. I pray that you find opportunities to pour into lives around you so that you usher in the joy of sweetness. Sweet and salty, good people, sweet and salty.


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