Say something, would ya!?

“Perpetrator” said one. “I guess we have more crime around here than I thought” said another. “In the swimming pool (laughing)” said yet another one. “Seven and a half inches in one day” still another voice told. These were the words that echoed among the halls as I journeyed the short walk from my desk to the break room. Upon arriving at my destination, I heard tidbits of other conversations but never the whole stories. “Go to that place on the corner” one woman instructed. “But the quantities don’t match” another said into his phone. “Dan wrecked it while putting it away so now we have to do repair work on the shingles” explained one. “I can’t believe he said that to you” barked another. The words, taken out of context, made no sense to me but then again the words were not intended for me but still they escaped from their confines and parked at my eardrums as if they expected me to respond.

According to one study, women speak an average of 20,000 words per day which is 13,000 more words than males speak . Let me give you a moment of pause so you can think of all the one lined jokes that would certainly credit this study (i.e. Women talk more because we’re constantly repeating ourselves to our men that don’t listen. Women talk more but they don’t really say anything; nag, nag, nag.). Seven thousand to twenty thousand is a huge gap but one that I am not surprised exists. I do concur that my female counterparts out speak our male counterparts but I had no idea that it was a 3 to 1 statistic. So this means that for every word my husband speaks, I speak three. Wow.

So with all the words being spoken out there in the realm of our minute existence in this great big world, what good comes of it? Given the statistics, it would seem that women waste breath on words while men speak only out of necessity but the study further showed that woman’s plentiful words are a result of a protein, Foxp2 known as the language protein. Both genders have the protein but women have more than men. No pun intended… in other words, blame it on our brain power. Ok, enough. Back to my question…What are women saying with so many words??? Are we just needlessly chatting or are we using our 20,000 word per day for the good??? And what about our men…what would our lives be like if they spoke up more?…if they matched us word for word???

So, here on my blog I am challenging myself this week (maybe you want to participate, too). I am not going to count my words each day but I am going to count the message that my words convey. I am going to be mindful of what I say to myself and what I say to others. The bible teaches that the tongue, a small bodily organ, is a rudder of great strength because it can direct our paths much like the small rudder on a boat directs the paths of the vessel (James 3:4). Our words have life and power and death and damnation (Proverbs 18:21). Lord, help me to speak words of life. Lord, if I am blessed with more Foxp2 proteins than the men and women in my life, let me bless them with words of wisdom and truths and power and not mindless chatter.


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